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Exhibitions 2018

In 2018 you can find us at a couple of exhibitions in Germany, Great Britain and Russia. To date we do not have asigned standnumbers, but we’ll keep you updated. We hope to welcome you at our stand at these upcoming exhibitions
Achema 2018

World forum and leading show for the process industries
11-15 June, Frankfurt, Germany

Anuga food tech 2018

20-23  march 2018,
Frankfurt, Germany

IFAT 2018

14-18  May 2018,
Messe, München (DE)


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Meet us at the Anuga Foodtec in Cologne Germany

Meet us at the Anuga Foodtec in Cologne Germany 20-23 March 2018, Hall 10.1 / A048 B049
TEMA Process Fluid Bed Dryers : Drying, Cooling, Roasting, Puffing, Baking, Steam Sterilizing / Pasteurizing, Steam Stripping, Cooking and Conditioning.
Products: Breadcrumb, salt, cacao, spices, nuts, herbs, dairy, citrus peels, rice, cereals, seeds, cassava, meat products, gelatin, starch, sugar, vitamin, wheat, caffeine, citric acid, lactose, corn, tomato pulp, soy, pet food, rusk, potato starch, ddgs, organics, peas, grain tea, coffee etc.


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Bread crumb & rusk processing equipment

A Tema bread crumb / rusk process production line consists of a bread mill, a tema fluid bed dryer/cooler, gas burner, supply fan, recirculation system, exhaust blower, cyclone(s), cooling fan with filter, ductwork and control system. Bread mill: after baking, the bread is cooled down and milled in the Tema Bread mill. Milling screens determine the quantity of large/ small particles into the dryer.

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Refuse-derived fuel dryer ready for shipment

Our TEMA PROCESS low temperature fluid bed dryer suitable for drying RDF and SRF for the production of secondary fuel from MSW. The heating takes place with waste heat from a CHP running on landfill gas. So noenergy gets lost.

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Quarz sand high temperature dryer [video]

High Temperature, low energy dryer
High temperature drying at up to 600°C: This results in greater evaporation per square metre of bed without an increase in air volume, reduces the power consumption per tonne of sand dried and improves fuel efficiency. The TEMA  Fluid Bed dryer is split into two sections, the first of which operates at a high temperature (up to 600°C).
In the first stage of drying, free (surface) moisture is removed from the product and all available energy supplied […]

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continuous fluid-bed dryer/cooler

A fluid bed dryer can handle up to 200 t/h and is used for drying of clay, sand, gravel, limestone, etc.
A continuous fluid-bed dryer/cooler is a machine in which a continuous flow of damp, granular material is conveyed over a perforated bed, through which air is blown to bring about fluidization. The material is dried in the first section of the machine and cooled in the second. Drying occurs because of the direct contact between the damp material and the […]

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Drying Refuse derived fuel [video]

DRYING RDF (Refuse derived fuel) : TEMA Process has already built several fluid bed dryers for drying large volumes of mixed waste streams and has an extensive experience with the material behaviour during drying. Waste is considered as valuable raw material for the production of energy. The use of fuels with a high moisture content decreases the overall energy efficiency of the power plant and reduces the boiler capacity to such an extent that it becomes reasonable to pre-dry the […]

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Welcome to our brand new website!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the brand new website of Tema Process. Here you can find all about us, we will post news and you can scroll through the menu for more info! Thanks for checking the new website.

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