Published On: 7 February 2018Categories: News, Video's

DRYING RDF (Refuse derived fuel) : TEMA Process has already built several fluid bed dryers for drying large volumes of mixed waste streams and has an extensive experience with the material behaviour during drying. Waste is considered as valuable raw material for the production of energy. The use of fuels with a high moisture content decreases the overall energy efficiency of the power plant and reduces the boiler capacity to such an extent that it becomes reasonable to pre-dry the RDF material. The TEMA Process fluid bed dryer are capable of continuously drying RDF from Municipal solid waste (MSW). The high wear-and-tear and operation costs as well as the possibility of overheating in most other conventional dryers is causing RDF processors worldwide to switch to reliable TEMA fluid bed dryers. The TEMA Fluid Bed dryer uses the thermal energy generated by gas engines, gas turbines or boiler.