Published On: 17 April 2018Categories: News

ASTA works to ensure the supply of clean, safe spice, shape public policy on behalf of the global industry and advance the business interests of its members and is the voice of the US spice industry in the global market. TEMA Process is a member of the ASTA and ESA (European Spice Association) and is specialized in Sterilization and Pasteurization systems for decontamination of spices, herbs, seeds and nuts. A variety of microbial reduction techniques are routinely employed within the industry for reduction of pathogens. These techniques include: fumigants (ethylene oxide and propylene oxide), steam and irradiation. Each technique has advantages and limitations in effectiveness, quality impact and consumer acceptance. The TEMA Process Natural sterilization/pasteurization with pure steam has gained significantly in popularity with the introduction of the continuous HT-ST “In-Flow” steam decontamination process and makes it possible to decontaminate heat sensitive herbs, powder and spices without adverse effect on quality.