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Feasibility testing for drying processes offers valuable information when designing an industrial fluid bed drying system. Feasibility testing offers the opportunity to confirm the viability of your intended process, as well as to work out process variables and other unknown data points, helping to define a recipe for success, and reduce the opportunity for surprises after process scale-up. It is the best to test a sample of products to determine its characteristics and its drying curve. TEMA Process has several testing equipment available for on-site or lab testing. TEMA Process makes it easy for you to process-test your products in your own plant with custom designed rental equipment. The TEMA Process testing facility also includes both static and continuous fluid bed dryers, the continuous Fluid Bed is complete with drying and cooling sections. For simple tests the fluid bed area also houses a static test beds. The product test area is staffed by qualified operators and fully supported by engineers, designers as required.