Industrial Fluid Bed Dryers (up to 40 m2) are used to efficiently process large quantities of bulk materials that need reduced moisture levels. Depending on the amount and the makeup of material needing to be dried, industrial dryers come in many different models constructed specifically for the type and quantity of material to be processed. Various factors are considered in determining the correct type of dryer for any given application, including the material to be dried, drying process requirements, production requirements, final product quality requirements and available facility space. One of the most common types of industrial dryers are fluidized bed dryers.

Some of the advantages of the TEMA Process fluidized bed dryers:

  • Continuous drying throughout the unit.
  • Handle products with a wide range of particle size and shape.
  • Minimal fluidization velocity and pressure drop due to the shaking drive system.
  • Increase efficiency of air to solid contact.
  • Mechanical shaking enhances homogeneity and stability of fluidized bed layer.
  • Easier to control the residence time distribution of processed material by controlling the frequency of the shaking system.