SEA Salt drying
Published On: 22 May 2019Categories: News, ProductsTags: ,

SEA Salt drying: Sea salt is a natural salt originating from the evaporation of sea water by the effect of sun and wind that crystallizes into grain sea salt collected by mechanical system, without any other process that alters its natural properties and original chemical composition. Depending on the moisture content and the size of grain, the sea salt can be classified into Wet Sea Salt and Dry Sea Salt. Wet Salts: Are all those Sea Salts that have not undergone an artificial drying process and some retain the natural moisture content up to a maximum of 4%. Dry Salts: Are all those Sea Salts which have undergone a process dewatering (centrifuge) , drying (fluid bed dryer) and sieving to select a specific granulometry. Their main characteristic is a maximum moisture content of 0.1%