Salt drying fluid bed dryer process
Published On: 27 February 2019Categories: ProductsTags: , ,

Salt is crucial for many industries and is used all over the world and is marketed in many forms: as a semi-finished product in artificial fertilizer for example but also as a salt for the food industry. TEMA Process supplies Fluid Bed Dryers/coolers for the production of salt. For high-grade salt, all the parts of the dryer which are in contact with the salt are in stainless steel AISI 316L , continuous-welded and polished. The system can also be equipped with a CIP ‘Cleaning-in-Place’ systems. Therefor we are able to meet the high demands required by the food industry. The heating of the air can be done using either through an indirect (steam coils) or direct (natural gas burner) source of energy. TEMA Process offers dust collection & gas scrubbing equipment and systems for emission control, gas cleaning and product recovery. For the exhaust system a cyclone with a wet scrubber (plastic or stainless steel), a Venturi scrubber or a Jet bag-Filter can be used. Important criteria for the design of a exhaust air system are: Temperature of the exhaust air, amount of dust in exhaust air, particle size of the dust, local emission standards and materials of construction.