turnkey installations
Published On: 19 July 2019Categories: News, ProductsTags: ,

TEMA Process has the experience and capacity to perform turnkey installations for the complete scope of the project including erection, commissioning, construction, training and maintenance. The TEMA Process bed systems are mainly used for thermal processes, such as: • Drying (to remove liquid from product by evaporation) • Cooling (usually after a drying process, so that the dryer and cooler can often be integrated in one installation) • Calcination (a chemical process to remove crystal water from product) • Toasting (to improve the taste, smell and texture of products) • Puffing (to better access rice and grain and bring it to a lower bulk density) • Sterilize and pasteurise (to extend the shelf life of products, like spices. herbs, seeds or nuts) • Blanching (to remove peelings or to deactivate enzymes) • Stripping (to remove solvents from product by means of steam or inert gas)