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Meatless has ordered a new high volume fluid-bed drying system for expanding the capacity of its dehydrated production. Building time is expected to be six months and we think that the line will be operational in August 2020. Tema Process will build the machine, which will not only triple our capacity but also opens the opportunity to produce a portfolio of innovative new textured products developed in the past years. Meatless will introduce new products based on quinoa, pea, fava bean, and lentils. We also expect to texturize pure starches like tapioca. This will expand the range of available textured options for the production of vegetarian and vegan products and opens new opportunities for analog fish and meat products. We offer you viable and scalable solutions for plant-based textures, send us an email at and we will be happy to help you with any texture problem you might have.

CEO at Meatless BV