Process combined ethanol stripper dryer with ethanol recovery.
Published On: 3 November 2020Categories: ProductsTags: ,

Today pectin is mostly produced from citrus peels (lemons, limes and oranges). After juice extraction, essential oil and dissolved sugars are removed from the peel prior to drying. Prior to pectin extraction with dilute mineral acids, the citrus peel must be dried from the starting level of about 85% moisture, down to 10 to 12% moisture to avoid fermentation. Because of the high water content drying is only economically viable on-site or nearby to the citrus processing plant, and only where large amounts of waste accumulate. In detail, after pressing the citrus fruit to extract the juice, citrus processors wash the peel to remove essential oil and dissolved sugars, and gently dry the peel at relativ low temperatures. Tema Process developed a system for stripping and drying of citrus peel and pulp. Washed peel and pulp , after dewatering are dried in a TEMA Process combined ethanol stripper / dryer with ethanol recovery. The design of the stripping/drying processing equipment includes an explosion-protection strategy ( ATEX certified explosion vents, flameless explosion venting, explosion suppression systems, explosion isolation systems, and explosion detectors but also fire suppression and fire extinguishers).