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Tema Process is specialized in thermal process solutions, like drying, cooling, roasting, sterilizing, puffing, calcining, steam stripping etc.
Our fluidized bed systems are used in the chemical, food/agriculture, mineral and waste & recycling industry.
Some examples: bread crumb, salts, detergent, digestate/manure, fertilizer, seeds, carbon black, cereals, clay, dextrose, spices, tomato pulp, pectine, gelatin, polymers, sand, herbicide, starch, urea, sludge, detergent, biomass, larvae, RDF, limestone, gypsum, lithium hydroxide, EPS beads, cassave, cocoa beans, nuts, soy, aspartame, maltodextrine, sodium gluconate, lactose, oat flakes, rubber, apple peel, aramide, herbs, zeolite, succunic acid, glass fibre, sulphate, sugar, rice, resin beads, fish feed, ceramics etc.