Configuration Fluid Bed Dryer Cooler
Published On: 16 April 2021Categories: ProductsTags: , , ,

TEMA Fluidized Bed System Configuration: Air Apply Systems, Fluid Bed and a Dust Collector Systems.

  • Air Apply Systems versions: Air supply fan in combination with heat exchanger(s), direct/indirect burner (gas/oil), electrical heater, dehumidification system, heat recovery or use of waste heat.
  • The Fluid Bed versions: Shaking fluid bed dryer, cooler or dryer/cooler. Static dryers or coolers.
  • Dust Collection System versions: Exhaust air fan in combination Jet bag-Filters, Cyclones, Venturi Scrubbers, Packed Tower Scrubbers and Cyclones in combination with Jet bag Filters or Packed Tower Scrubbers.