TEMA Pulse Jet bag filter systems
Published On: 24 September 2021Categories: ProductsTags: ,

The TEMA Pulse Jet bag filter systems are used to separate the dust from the exhaust air which is coming from the fluid bed dryer/cooler. The bag filters can be delivered in standard design or tailor-made specifically designed for the customers application. In the pulse jet bag filters, the bags are cleaned by injecting compressed gas. The filters range from 15 m² up to 1.200 m² and are available in various sizes and configurations such as rectangular, square or cylindrical baghouse.

The TEMA Process design for continuous pulse jet bag filter is based on the process data and local conditions and can be offered “Taylor-made” suitable for the application.
Important criteria for the design are:
– Gas volume in Nm³/h
– Chemical composition of the gases
– Moisture content of the gases
– Temperature of the gases
– Dust in kg/h
– Characteristics of the dust, like corrosive, abrasive etc.
– Particle size range of the dust
– Local emission standards
– Explosion resistant (ATEX)
– Hygienic design
– On line or off line systems
– Materials of construction
– Tracing (reduce the risk of condensation)
– Location (outside / inside building)