pulse jet baghouse dust collector
Published On: 12 January 2021Categories: ProductsTags: ,

The TEMA Process Pulse Jet Baghouse dust collector (for the fluid bed dryer) provides easy and dependable operation for high-volume dust collection applications. An enormous number of construction variations are possible considering the variables in number of covers, number of bags in the length rows and filter bags length. The bags are protected by standard wear protection shields.
Bag filter cleans itself by means of compressed air pulse (hoses are shaking / expended by compressed air flow). Compressed air is supplied periodically (alternately) in each section of the bags. The sequence of cleaning is controlled automatically by a sequence controller. This operates the assembly of solenoid and pulse valves which direct the air flow into the manifolds.
Combined mineral fluid bed dryer/cooler with 2 segment air filtration. Heat recovered from the cooling zone is re-introduced in the drying zone for energy saving. This technical solution reduces the energy consumption with ~10%.