Published On: 20 December 2022Categories: Products, Video's

LiOH and Na2SO4 dryers ready for transport ! Lithium hydroxide (LiOH) enables the production of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). Spodumene is a mineral consisting of lithium aluminium inosilicate, LiAl(SiO3)2, and is a source of lithium. In the production process  lithium hydroxide and sodium sulphate is produced. After separating the solid and liquid by a centrifugal machine the lithium hydroxide (LiOH ) is dried on a Tema Process Fluid bed dryer. Also the sodium sulphate (Na2SO4) is dried on a fluid bed dryer and this material is mainly used as a filler in the manufacture of powdered home laundry detergents. CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) or WIP (Washing-In-Place) is a system designed for automatic cleaning by plain water, hot water, detergent, etc. solutions without major disassembly and assembly work. CIP/ WIP system is useful for cleaning and washing at place of the Fluid Bed Equipment. It is a reliable process that meets the stringent hygiene regulations. It has advantages as high work efficiency, excellent cleaning effect, operator safety and easy to operate and maintain.