Tema process belt dryer
Published On: 25 February 2022Categories: ProductsTags: ,

A continuous conveyor belt dryer system is a particularly gentle thermal treatment for your product. It can dry large quantities with high moisture loads, temperature sensitive or brittle products and products which require a long residence time. The dryer is divided into segments (drying zones) in order to create high air velocities with a lower air volume. Fans and heaters can be placed inline or outside the tunnel and will heat up the saturated and cooled air again. This allows the use of low temperature heating media and a smaller total airflow which is repeatedly heated up. The wet solids are continuously and evenly divided onto a perforated conveyor belt, this can be a single or multiple belt system. Air passes the product layer in a downstream or upstream flow (or both) in order to dry products with maximum uniformity. By controlling the airflow, temperature and humidity during the drying process the product output capacity will be maximized and the energy consumption will be minimized.

Advantages of a belt dryer
– Multiple drying zones with adjustable air volumes, temperature and humidity control will result into the highest thermal efficiency and gentle drying conditions
– Hygienic design, fully stainless steel execution, dryer can be cleaned easily
– Maximized product output with minimized energy consumption
– Heating can be realized using hot water, heat pump systems, steam, direct or indirect natural gas heaters and thermal oil
– Custom-made solutions: the product drying behavior, belt type, air control system and available heating media are input data for the best solution
– After drying product can be cooled down inline
– Preassembled parts in workshop assures easy and minimized field installation time