The Tema Process ventilation and dehumidification solution
Published On: 25 February 2022Categories: ProductsTags: , ,

Humidity problems in meat processing plants.
Humidity, condensation and water are a serious risk. Both temperature and humidity levels inside a meat processing plant should be kept as constant as possible. It sounds simple, but the following characteristics continuously vary: outside weather conditions, rooms are periodically cleaned using water, personnel are at work and different products are processed. As most meat factories only control temperature, these aspects will all affect (raise) the relative humidity. A higher moisture level (RH) automatically means that the dew point temperature inside the room will rise, as room temperature remains constant at its regulated set point. At this dew point temperature water will condensate and becomes visible on products/parts which have a lower temperature.
So without good climate and humidity control, condensation (or “sweating”) can occur on cold meat products and food processing equipment. This moisture stimulates the growth and spread of microorganisms (such as mold, fungi and germs), even in areas considered clean. Meat products that need to be moved from cooling rooms to processing rooms are even much more susceptible to condensation because of their lower temperature. Dripping, fogging and icing are other potential moisture-related problems that often occur in the meat processing industry.
This means that a high dew point temperature has a big impact on the hygiene level and thus indirectly on the quality of your product. Proper environmental airflow, temperature and humidity control is the key to success. When meat is being processed, the Tema dehumidifier ensures that the room dew point temperature is always lower than the minimum product temperature. This way, moisture can never condense on the cold meat and the microbiological impact is minimized.
Quickly drying the whole factory after wet cleaning
At the end of the working day, when meat processing is ended the production rooms need to be cleaned. The whole factory is thoroughly rinsed and cleaned using hot water and detergents. After cleaning it is very important that the rooms are dried rapidly so that the next day production can start in a clean, cool and dry meat factory. The Tema Process ventilation and dehumidification solution will quickly master the water, humidity and consequently the micro-organisms level in your meat processing plant.

– No more undesired condensation on cold products
– No more undesired water dripping from ceilings
– Less electrical failures inside factory
– No more breeding ground and spread of micro-organisms
– The dehumidification process even kills bacteria
– Prevents odor nuisance
– Better (more comfortable and healthier) climate for workers
– No more draft of air
– Fresh air supplied to processing rooms
– Energy friendly ventilation solution
– Creates and controls under- or overpressure during day
– Factory is quickly dried after cleaning