Drying fluidized bed with shaking system2
Published On: 17 August 2023Categories: ProductsTags: , ,

A gentle drying fluidized bed with shaking system is a specialized equipment used in various industries for the efficient and uniform drying of solid particles, granules, or powders. It combines fluidization and shaking mechanisms to enhance heat and mass transfer, ensuring even drying without damaging the particles.

Gentle Drying

The term “gentle drying” refers to the controlled and mild drying conditions provided by the system. By regulating the temperature and airflow rate, the system ensures that the drying process is not too harsh on the particles, preventing potential damage or agglomeration. Gentle drying is particularly crucial when dealing with delicate or heat-sensitive materials.

Shaking System

In addition to fluidization, the system incorporates a shaking mechanism. This involves the application of gentle mechanical oscillations to the fluidized bed. The purpose of shaking is to enhance the fluidization process further and improve particle mixing. By shaking the bed, the solid particles are kept in constant motion, promoting better contact with the drying medium and preventing particle agglomeration or sticking. Additionally, the system provides support for the fluidized particles, preventing settling or uneven distribution within the bed. The shaking action helps maintain a uniform particle distribution and prevents channeling, ensuring consistent drying across the entire bed surface.


The gentle drying fluidized bed with shaking system finds applications in various industries, including, food & feed processing, chemical, waste and minerals processing. It is particularly useful for drying heat-sensitive materials, granules, powders, and particles that require gentle handling to maintain their integrity and quality. The system’s ability to combine fluidization and shaking ensures efficient drying while minimizing the risk of particle damage and clumping.