Drying of slag sand
Published On: 17 February 2023Categories: ProductsTags: , ,

Slag is a by-product of smelting (pyrometallurgical) ores and used metals. The meaning of slag sand is slag crushed into fine particles and is used especially in mortar or concrete. Slag sand is a good alternative to river sand, say experts. The uses of industrial waste as a substitute material helps save a large share of natural resources and protect the environment. Slag sand is used in the manufacture of high-performance concretes, especially those used in the construction of bridges and coastal features, where its low permeability and greater resistance to chlorides and sulphates can help to reduce corrosive action and deterioration of the structure.
Slags are transported along with slag tailings to “slag dumps,” where they are exposed to weathering. Dried slag sand is a quality factory dried sand and is blended with cement and aggregates for consistent mortar and concrete mixes.