Service & Spare parts

Are you looking for maintenance, spare parts, replacement parts for your fluid bed dryer or other TEMA Process machinery?

Maintenance checks & regular inspection

Our engineers and maintenance technicians are able to perform a wide range of field services. We offers annual maintenance checks and performs repairs.

  • Detect defects to critical components at an early stage
  • Reduce & prevent downtime
  • Increase machine lifetime
  • Increase machine efficiency

Spare parts & replacement parts guidelines

Tema Process manufactures critical spare parts for the shaking fluid bed dryers/coolers for immediate shipping. Also we provide a list of replacement parts and preventative maintenance guidelines with each order.

We do not only manufacture and deliver spare parts for TEMA PROCESS built machines but for fluid bed dryer machines from other manufacturers aswel. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


We also offer on-site training to ensure new personnel understand how to operate and maintain your equipment for peak performance at the lowest operating/maintenance cost possible and ensure a maximize productivity and efficiency.

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