Fertilizer industry

Inorganic mineral fertilizers

Fluid bed dryers are widely used for the large scale production of inorganic fertilizers like potash, nitrate,  calcium and magnesium. For corrosive elements  materials of construction applied for inorganic fertilizer dryers and filters  are AISI-304, AISI-316 and 904L.

Organic fertilizers

Resulting from agricultural processing, organic fertilizer is an enhanced final product derived from agricultural waste streams. TEMA process has a vast experience in the design of dryers for poultry litter, cow dung,  dewatered slurry, digester sludge and fermenter waste.

Special fertilizer applications

Poultry litter drying

Poultry litter drying

Drying of poultry litter from broiler houses at 40-50% MC back to 15% MC suitable for pelleting to produce mineral rich organic fertilizer.

Digestate drying

Digestate drying

Residual waste after  digestion is dewatered back to 70-75% MC followed by thermal drying, using the waste heat from the biogas CHP plants.

Manure to granulated Fertilizer

Converting manure into granulated organic fertilizer using a TEMA process Fluid Bed Dryers.