Innovative Drying Solutions in the Fertilizer Industry

At TEMA Process, we specialize in advanced fluid bed drying technology, offering comprehensive solutions for both inorganic mineral and organic fertilizers.

Inorganic Mineral Fertilizers

Our fluid bed dryers play a crucial role in large-scale production of inorganic fertilizers, including potash, nitrate, calcium, and magnesium. Understanding the challenges posed by corrosive materials, our dryers and filters are constructed using robust materials such as AISI-304, AISI-316, and 904L to ensure longevity and safety in production environments.

Organic Fertilizers

In the realm of organic fertilizers, TEMA Process stands at the forefront of innovation. We efficiently convert agricultural waste streams into high-quality organic fertilizers. Our expertise extends to processing diverse materials like poultry litter, cow dung, dewatered slurry, digester sludge, and fermenter waste. Our advanced drying solutions are designed to enhance the value of these agricultural by-products, turning them into nutrient-rich organic fertilizers.

Special fertilizer applications

Poultry litter drying

Poultry litter drying

We have developed a specialized process for drying poultry litter from broiler houses, reducing moisture content from 40-50% to an optimal 15%, ideal for pelleting. This transformation results in a mineral-rich organic fertilizer, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

Digestate drying

Digestate drying

Our digestate drying process efficiently handles the residual waste after digestion. This waste is dewatered and then thermally dried, utilizing waste heat from biogas CHP plants, exemplifying our commitment to energy-efficient and sustainable solutions.

Commitment to Sustainability

At TEMA Process, sustainability is at the core of our operations.Our innovative drying and processing solutions are meticulously engineered to reduce environmental impact, while enhancing efficiency and productivity. By transforming residual products and waste into valuable resources we support the circular economy and contribute to a greener future.

Manure to granulated Fertilizer

TEMA Process’s Fluid Bed Dryers effectively convert manure into high-quality granulated organic fertilizer, adding value to agricultural waste and supporting environmentally responsible farming. This process not only optimizes manure granulation but also preserves essential nutrients, enhancing soil health and reducing dependence on chemical fertilizers. Emphasizing sustainability, our technology aligns with circular economy principles, minimizing environmental impact while promoting sustainable agriculture. By repurposing manure, TEMA Process helps in waste reduction and soil quality improvement, contributing to healthier crop growth and better ecosystems.