Tema Process Service-Maintenance

Tema Process Service-Maintenance

Our engineers and maintenance technicians are able to perform a wide range of field services and are able to detect defects to critical components at an early stage, reduce & prevent downtime, increase machine lifetime and increase machine efficiency.
The following services are available:
·        Operator training
·        Maintenance training
·        Process analyses
·        Mechanical inspection
·        Preventive maintenance
·        Corrective maintenance
·        Delivery of spare parts
·        Replacement of equipment
·        Service contract
·        Remote control and monitoring
Maintenance Management
The main aim of equipment maintenance is to maintain the functionality of the equipment and to minimize its down time.
For mechanical equipment, […]

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Tema Fluid Bed dryer for spray dryer

Tema Fluid Bed dryer for spray dryer

Tema Fluid Bed dryer for spray dryer. The two stage drying process is superior to the traditional single stage drying in terms of product quality and cost of production.
The two stage dryer consists of a spray dryer with an external shaking fluid bed placed below the drying chamber. The product can be removed from the drying chamber with a higher moisture content, and the final drying takes place in the external fluid bed where the residence time of the product is […]

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Static (non-shaking) fluidised bed or fluid bed

Static (non-shaking) fluidised bed

Static (non-shaking) fluidised bed or fluid bed (dryers and coolers) are used on free flowing fluidised bulk materials that have a narrow particle size distribution. The static fluid bed remains stationary during operation. Static fluid bed dryers can be continuous or batch operation and may be round or rectangular.
The other type of fluid bed dryer is a shaking fluid bed dryer or cooler, where the body of the dryer oscillates, assisting the movement of material through the unit and supporting the fluidisation […]

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TEMA Pulse Jet bag filter systems

TEMA Pulse Jet bag filter systems

The TEMA Pulse Jet bag filter systems are used to separate the dust from the exhaust air which is coming from the fluid bed dryer/cooler. The bag filters can be delivered in standard design or tailor-made specifically designed for the customers application. In the pulse jet bag filters, the bags are cleaned by injecting compressed gas. The filters range from 15 m² up to 1.200 m² and are available in various sizes and configurations such as rectangular, square or cylindrical […]

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Drying of Extruded food & feed products

Drying of Extruded food & feed products

Extrusion is a mechanical process in which food or feed materials are forced, under pressure, through a die opening to create products of a desired shape, size, and/or texture. In the case of food production, if the food is heated by external heaters during the process, it is referred to as extrusion cooking, a relatively new and
advanced food processing technique. Due to its processing flexibility, extrusion cooking produces an incredibly broad range of food products, most notably in the cereal, […]

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salt dryer centrifuge

Salt centrifuge & drying

Tema Process is the liquid/solid separation solution provider for Salt production and processing plants.
Salt is the common name for the substance sodium chloride (NaCI), which occurs in the form of transparent cubic crystals.
Salt centrifuge
The Siebtechnik Tema centrifuges are used for continuous solid-liquid separation and provide a long holding time, low material loss and  low crystal breakage. The centrifuge enables the salt to be dewatered with a high efficiency before final drying and cooling in the Tema Process fluid bed system.
Salt dryer
Tema Process […]

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