Thermal processes


Removal of liquids by evaporation in a fluid bed dryer for thermally treat of powders, fibres, crystals and pelletized or extruded materials.


Torrefaction of biomass is a mild form of pyrolysis at temperatures typical ranging between 200 – 320°C .  During torrefaction the biomass properties are changed to obtain a much better fuel quality for combustion and gasification applications.  


After heating the product during the drying process in most of the cases cooling is required. The fluidbed cooler can be integrated with the dryer or supplied as a separate unit. 


Products like rice and wheat are expanded at a high temperature resulting in a lower bulk density and to obtain better cooking properties. 


Thermal  process to remove and evaporate crystalline water.  

Sterilization & Pasteurization

Natural ST-HT steam sterilization & pasteurization for spices, herbs & botanicals, dried vegetables, seeds & nuts. 

High and low temperature between 103°C – 122°C ( Sterilization) and 85°C – 98°C ( Pasteurization) within maximum of 60 seconds followed by a drying and cooling process. 

Roasting / Texturization

Heat treatment to influence taste, flavour and texture.


Heat treatment to deactivate enzymes and removal of peels.

Steam Stripping / Inertgas Drying

Removal of solvents either by inert gas heating or by direct exposure of steam.

Physical processes


Binding of particles by spraying liquids in a fluid bed.


Fines removal in a fluidbed by defined entrainment velocities.