Jet bag filters

TEMA Process design for continuous Jet bag Filters is based on the process data and local conditions
and can be offered “Taylor-made” suitable for the application


Important criteria for the design are:

  • Gas volume in Nm³/h
  • Chemical composition of the gases
  • Moisture content of the gases
  • Temperature of the gases
  • Dust in kg/h
  • Characteristics of the dust, like corrosive, abrasive etc.
  • Particle size range of the dust
  • Local emission standards
  • Explosion resistant (ATEX)
  • Hygienic design
  • On line or off line systems
  • Materials of construction
Jet bag Filter under construction 3
jet bag filter
jetbag filter top part (partly open)
Top view of Filter top part without covers

The filter top part can be designed based on following variables:

  • Number of covers
  • Layout of the covers
  • The covers can be located on one side or 2 sides of the air buffer tanks
  • Under each cover there are 4 rows in width and 8 – 16 filter bags in depth
  • Materials of construction can be selected in accordance to the table of “construction materials”


  • The top part is standard made of stainless steel and is isolated.
  • The top part can be provided with double covers.
  • The bags are protected by standard wear protection shields
  • The maximum number of covers on one side of the buffer tanks are 4 (maximum 4 covers on each side!)

Design of Jet bag Filters

  • Length of filter bags are available from 2000 mm – 5000 mm
  • Bag support cages can be split in length in several parts for one filter bag with easy connection to reduce space for replacement of the filter material
  • The textile bags can be supplied in different qualities
  • The filter housing is designed in several “modules”
  • The dust is collected in a tapered chute with an integrated spiral screw for dust discharge
  • The location of the screw discharge also can be chosen to meet local dust collection or transport
  • The 3D design drawing is the base for laser cutting- and production drawings
  • An enormous number of construction variations are possible considering the variables in number of covers, number of bags in the length rows and filter bags length

Filter bag for most demanding solutions like:

  • High temperatures
  • Micro dust particles
  • Chemical unfriendly environment
  • Electrostatic dust particles
filter bags