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Tema Process Fluid Bed Dryers for the best Bread Crumb

26 February 2021|Categories: Products, Video's|Tags: , |

In traditional processes for manufacturing breadcrumbs, bread loaves are first dried and then crushed in a pinned disc mill or a hammer mill. Reversing the order — first reducing the size of the bread by milling and then drying the crumbs by means of a Tema Process fluidized bed drier has proved to be a more economical way. […]

Breadcrumbs made by toasting the bread in the Tema Fluid bed dryer [video]

15 April 2020|Categories: Products, Video's|Tags: , , |

Breadcrumbs are made either by loaves or by sheeting, slitting and baking the dough followed by cooling, grinding, and drying the baked product. A golden coloured crust contributes colour to the breadcrumb. The crust is obtained either by the conventional baking process itself or by toasting the bread in the Tema Fluid bed dryer.

Drying extruded cereal and bread crumb products

16 February 2020|Categories: Products|Tags: , , |

Drying extruded cereal and bread crumb products: A extrusion line in combination with a fluid bed dryer transforms agriculture raw materials into edible crispy products. These products can vary in color, composition, format, taste, bite, and texture depending on market demand. The Tema Process production lines are available in a wide range of capacities starting from 500 kg/hr up to 6.000 kg/hr.


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