carbon black fluid bed dryer

Carbon black fluid bed dryer

Carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products. Traditionally Carbon Black (CB) has been used as both a reinforcing agent and filler in automobile tires. Along with better understanding of CB’s unique properties as a material, it is presently used in a much wider range of applications across a large variety of products – car tires, conveyor belts, inks, plastic pipes, rubber mats, shoe soles and so forth.
CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Recovered Carbon Black rCB
rCB it is […]

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Tema Process Carbon Black Fluidized bed dryer.

Carbon black production: This is a process where hydrocarbon feedstock (heavy fuel oil) is converted into carbon black. Hydrocarbon fuels, oxidants, additives, and the primary feedstock are injected into a horizontal refractory reactor where they combust with a defect of oxygen. As a result of the incomplete combustion the carbon black is formed. The carbon black is then pelletized into dense spheres to facilitate handling and shipping. To pelletize the carbon black, water with a small amount of binder is […]

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