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Fluid bed dryer/cooler exhaust system with cyclone

15 April 2020|Categories: Products|Tags: , , , |

Fluid bed dryer/cooler exhaust system with cyclone. TEMA Process offers Dust Collection & Gas Scrubbing equipment and systems for emission control, gas cleaning and product recovery. A Cyclone is a relative simple device that uses centrifugal force to separate larger particles from air streams. It is a high capacity / high efficiency separator that also can be used in combination with Fluid bed Dryers / [...]

fluid bed dryer for breadcrumb

22 May 2019|Categories: News, Products|Tags: , , |

TEMA Breadcrumb Processing line. Much of breadcrumb production worldwide is dedicated to processed foods either as a coating, called breading or crumbing, or as a filler to add inexpensive bulk and flavor. A Tema bread crumb / rusk process production line consists of a bread mill, a fluid bed dryer/cooler, gas burner, supply fan, recirculation system, exhaust blower, cyclone(s), cooling fan with filter, ductwork and [...]


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