Fluid Bed Dryer

Static (non-shaking) fluidised bed or fluid bed

Static (non-shaking) fluidised bed

Static (non-shaking) fluidised bed or fluid bed (dryers and coolers) are used on free flowing fluidised bulk materials that have a narrow particle size distribution. The static fluid bed remains stationary during operation. Static fluid bed dryers can be continuous or batch operation and may be round or rectangular.
The other type of fluid bed dryer is a shaking fluid bed dryer or cooler, where the body of the dryer oscillates, assisting the movement of material through the unit and supporting the fluidisation […]

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fluid bed dryer cooler

Dryer/cooler process, how does it work?

Fluid bed Process.
I often get the questions : What does fluidised bed mean? How does a fluidisation work? What is the purpose of fluidisation? Etc.
In a couple of chapters, I like to explain more about this technology/process and where the system can be used.

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Clean in place system

Clean-In-Place Systems for Fluidbed dryers

Tema Process offers an automated Clean-In-Place (CIP) System that provides a reliable, repeatable cleaning cycle for processing plants to operate efficiently and cost effectively to meet stringent hygienic practices for sanitary processing. The CIP System utilizes fixed or retractable CIP spray nozzles that are designed specifically to remain in place during production. These nozzles minimizes downtime and increases available production time.

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Multi zone Tema Fluidbed dryer

Multi zone Tema Fluidbed dryer

This type of Fluid bed system has several inlet and exhaust air compartments, each of which is equipped with its own supply air system (heating or cooling). Process parameters for each zone (temperature and flow) can therefore be adjusted to provide maximum control of the process and product characteristics.
The system can handle multiple recipes with varying process parameters.
A multi-zone shaking fluid bed dryer is a proven solution for the processing of food and manufacturing chemical products and is capable of producing […]

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Back Mix - Fluid Bed Dryer

Back Mix – Fluid Bed Dryer

Back Mix System for Fluid Bed Dryers: The back mix system is used for materials that can not fluidise due to the high moisture content of the material.
Sticky material, wetcake from the filter press, slurry, sludge or even a solution is mixed with dried product. This back mix flow enables better fluidisation and drying. The fluid bed dryer dries the material at low temperatures and uses the waste heat available to ensure optimum use of heat energy. The high speed […]

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Fluidized Bed Dryers/Coolers for the food/feed industry

Fluidized Bed Dryers/Coolers for the food/feed industry:
Bread crumb • Rusk • Croutons • Soy • Starch • Citric acid • Animal Feed • Baby food • Baking additive • Bread waste • Cacao • Casein • Chicken meat • Chocolate • Coffee • Coffee granulates • Corn flour • Dextrose • Edible fat • Egg powder • Flavours • Flour • Fruit products • Gelatine • Instant bakery yeast • Instant drink powder • Instant soup granules • Lactose • […]

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