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Fluid bed drying

9 July 2021|Categories: Products|Tags: , |

Fluid bed drying is a process by which particles, typically greater than 100 microns, are fluidized and dried. For the material to become fluidized, the particulates are placed under conditions that cause it to behave like a fluid. In a fluid bed drying system, air is passed through a perforated distributor plate which provides significant air flow to support the weight of the particles. This [...]

Food dryers ready for transport to China [video]

22 May 2020|Categories: Products, Video's|Tags: |

Four food dryers (total 8), ready for transport to China ??. Whenever a hygienic or sanitary design has high priority, fluid bed systems are the preferred solution in the food industry. The Fluid beds are used for drying, cooling, roasting, expanding, sterilizing and cooking. For gentle drying at lower temperatures and extended drying time, TEMA Process fluid bed dryers can use multiple temperature zones with [...]


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