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Mineral Dryer – Tema Process Fluidized Bed Dryer

16 April 2021|Categories: Products|Tags: , |

- High drying air temperatures, results in greater evaporation per square metre of bed and reduces the power consumption per tonne of dried product and improves fuel efficiency. - Heavy-duty construction, high-capacity capabilities. Lowest life cycle cost due to substantial savings in fuel consumption and maintenance costs. - Reduced wear-and-tear: High-amplitude and low-frequency fluidized conveyance easily handles abrasive products. Limestone • Diabase • Granite • [...]

Drying minerals with a heavy-duty Tema Fluid Bed dryer

25 June 2020|Categories: Products|Tags: , |

Drying minerals with a “heavy-duty” Tema Fluid Bed dryer. In the first stage of drying, free (surface) moisture is removed from the product and all available energy supplied as heat (gas burner) in the drying air is used for evaporation. The temperature of the air moving through the fluidized bed drops as it absorbs moisture up to its saturation point. If there is a change [...]

New Twin Sand Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers with Jet-bag air filter!

15 April 2020|Categories: Products|Tags: , , , , |

New Twin Sand Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers with Jet-bag air filter ! TEMA Process Fluid Bed Dryers for drying of all kind of minerals like: talc, sand, gravel, limestone, bentonite, feldspar, gypsum, salts, potash, mica etc. The Fluid bed dryers are used for processing natural materials, the systems are designed to minimize energy usage and are easy to maintain and operate, rigid construction for challenging environments.


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