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Tema Process Condenser Scrubbers

4 November 2022|Categories: Products|Tags: , , |

Tema Process Condenser Scrubbers are designed to condense, absorb, cool and scrub large volume of exhaust gases. These scrubbers are used in the Tema Process closed loop drying system. The Closed Loop Dryers are designed as a closed system in which heated air used to dry the materials is continuously recycled within the drying compartment of the dryer without being discharged to the atmosphere, thus [...]

Fluidised bed dryers – Exhaust air system

23 September 2022|Categories: Products|Tags: , , |

The packed tower scrubbers are used to remove particulate and / or vapor contaminants from an exhaust gas stream by way of dilution or absorption. A packed tower is an efficient method of carrying out mass transfer between gas and liquid phases. Packed tower scrubbers incorporate packing media to facilitate intimate contact between a scrubbing liquid and gas to be scrubbed. Applications are: reduction of [...]


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