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Thermal seed disinfection by steam pasteurization.

7 May 2021|Categories: Products|Tags: , , |

Thermal seed disinfection by steam pasteurization, effective control of seed-borne pathogens without using chemicals. Thermal treatment technology is used on seeds to secure and improve crop germination. ThermoSeed (developed in Sweden) offers an innovative, highly efficient and environmental friendly seed treatment technology with great added value to seed processors and farmers.  

Seed treatment without chemicals

22 May 2019|Categories: News|Tags: , |

Seed treatment without chemicals (crop protection): As an alternative to chemical treatment, seeds can be treated thermally for increased pest resistance. A thermal treatment uses heat and moist air. The seeds used by farmers need to be protected from attacks from bacteria or fungal diseases that make cultivation less efficient in various ways. Poorer seed quality results in poorer harvests and infestation leads to poorer [...]


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