Pepper sterilizers

2x New Pepper sterilizers for clients in Brazil.

In Brazil, black pepper is grown on small family farms and dried directly in the sun by the growers. Sun drying effectively prevents contamination by combustion products from flue gases (PAH, anthraquinones), but since sun drying takes place in the open air, there is a risk of salmonella contamination. Also in view of the salmonella risk, sun drying is the method of choice, as the microbiological load can be efficiently reduced by sterilisation. The risk of salmonella contamination of black […]

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International Pepper Conference (IPC) 2019 in Vietnam

International Pepper Conference (IPC) 2019 in Vietnam

International Pepper Conference (IPC) 2019 in Vietnam. The TEMA Process high pressure steam sterilizer uses natural steam to decontaminate the pepper (5log).
The Tema continuous steam sterilizing system uses the HTST (High Temperature / Short Time) process. The product enters the pressurized autoclave. Inside the autoclave, a shaking tray transports the product through the steam. The steam kills unwanted bacteria and pathogens. After this steam treatment the product is discharged through a rotary valve, into the fluid bed dryer. In the […]

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new sterilizer europe

Erection of NEW sterilizer in Europe

Erection of NEW sterilizer in Europe ! Natural Steam Sterilization:
– For Spices, Herbs, Seeds & Nuts.
– Minimal impact on Color and Flavor.
– No radiation and chemical free.
– Sanitary Clean-in-Place (CIP) design.
– Continuous, repeatable and verifiable process.
– 5 log kill.
– Data logging for traceability.
* TEMA Process is member of ESTA, ASTA and Royal Dutch Spice Association

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